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Old Dixie Eco Walk at Seabourn Cove

3 butterflies
The butterfly is a symbol of renewal in many cultures (pictured, left to right: Schaus' Swallowtail, Miami Blue, Cassius Blue).

Old Dixie Eco Walk Butterfly and Native Plant ID
Tuesday, April 22, 2014,  9 - 10:30am

Art in Public Places hosted a free public event at the Old Dixie Eco Walk at Seabourne Cove. The event provided information about the purpose and function of the Old Dixie Eco Walk to wildlife organizations and individuals interested in native plants and butterflies.

The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) local representative informed the public about the butterfly migration, endangered butterflies and their habitats. Eco Artist, Lucy Keshavarz informed the public about the Old Dixie Eco Art project and its purpose. 

Horticultural experts informed the public about the benefits of native plantings and butterfly gardens.

City staff introduced the public to the benefits of the Old Dixie Eco walk reforestation project and its contribution to the future Blueway, greenway, bikeway project.

Catherine Zimmerman, author and documentary filmmaker filmed the event on April 22, 2014. She is working on a documentary about native plants and is including EcoArt and the Old Dixie Eco Walk that addresses this. Catherine is known by her "The Meadows Project," book and film.  Visit her website:  to keep updated on her new project status.

pedestrian pathway

Background Information:  

The butterfly, a symbol of renewal in many cultures, inspired the Old Dixie EcoWalk at Seabourn Cove.  The complex of apartment homes is the nation’s first and largest sustainable community to receive a GOLD designation by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center.

A great many changes have taken place in Florida since the completion of Dixie Highway in 1927.  Unfortunately, due to population growth, many areas in South Florida have lost their natural habitat and have suffered a reduction of native wildlife species.

The Old Dixie EcoWalk at Seabourn Cove, with over 50 species of Florida native plants, will provide food and shelter for native butterflies, wildlife and a welcoming environment for the human species. A lush pedestrian pathway in the reforested area – about a quarter of a mile long and fifty feet wide – include carved Florida cap rock sculptures used as bases for plant identification tiles, educational interpretive panels and butterfly watering basins.  The canopy will reduce the Heat Island Effect and CO2 levels, while the artistic elements will provide an aesthetic quality and educational opportunities about sustainable practices.  Old Dixie EcoWalk is an active resource for organizations such as the North America Butterfly Association (NABA)   and the Florida Native Plant Society as well as for area schools and museums. It illustrates how enjoyable and necessary sustainable design is for all species.

To create the Old Dixie Eco Walk, Eco Artist Lucy Keshavarz collaborated with Dave Bodker, Landscape Architect and consulted with scientists Mary R. Truglio, Wildlife Biologist with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Division of Habitat & Species Conservation ; Alana Edwards, Education & Training Coordinator with FAU's Center for Environmental Studies; and Jaret C. Daniels, PHD, Assistant Curator & Assistant Director of Education with McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, University of Florida

To learn more visit:

North American Butterfly Association - 
Florida Wildflower Foundation - 
Florida Natural Area Inventory - 
Florida Native Plant Society - 
Florida Association of Native Nurseries - 
Florida Museum of Natural History -   

Location/directions: To access the Old Dixie Eco Walk from South Federal Highway turn west on Gulfstream Road.  Then turn north on Old Dixie Highway.  You can park along the grass easement on the east side of Old Dixie Highway and walk the path. Seabourn Cove Phase I is located at 3501 S. Federal Highway and Seabourn Cove Phase II at 3373 S. Federal Highway.  Old Dixie Eco Walk is on the west side of Seabourn Cove development, a gated community.

Old Dixie Eco Walk along Seabourn Cove development
Old Dixie Eco Walk map

Monarch butterfly and chrysalis

interpretive panel

walkway and watering basin