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Emerging Mangrove

"Emerging Mangrove" artwork 

"Emerging Mangrove” by Artist Lucy Keshavarz
At Casa del Mar Townhomes, 2626 North Federal Highway

On January 17, 2018, Casa Del Mar, a gated enclave of three-story luxury townhomes in Boynton Beach by K. Hovnanian® Homes, unveiled its new mosaic tile mural entitled “Emerging Mangrove” by Artist Lucy Keshavarz.

“Emerging Mangrove” speaks to the name of the community and is inspired by its location along the Intracoastal Waterway,” said Fred Vandercook, Division President of K. Hovnanian® Homes Southeast Florida. “Like the meaning of Casa Del Mar, mangroves on our shoreline are also a very important ‘house of the sea’. A home to many creatures and a cycle that sustains life in a myriad of ways; from keeping our shoreline in tact to nurturing a great deal of the food that ends up on our dinner table.”

Keshavarz, owner of Art & Culture Group, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens, used the classic materials of metal, stone (cast) and custom tiles in a stylized format to create the highly recognizable red mangrove or “walking” mangrove. The sculpture is integrated into the community’s entry wall along US1, and appears to be emerging from the wall atop its orderly mangle of branching prop roots, making the leaves and water glitter in the sun and the waves swirl with the tides.

“The love of science and the natural environment are major influences in my life and artwork,” said Keshavarz. “These influences, combined with my tendency to question, drive me to create work that will have a positive impact.”

The 12” high x 31’ long x 1’ deep public art project is fabricated from cast stone, sculptured tiles,  glass mosaics and powder coated aluminum and is embedded in the retaining wall that faces Federal Hwy.