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Graffiti Mural Project

Graffiti Mural project Graffiti Mural project artists
Graffiti Mural project by Peter Agardy, Douglas Hoekzema and John Griffin
Youth participation during Graffiti Art painting sessions

Graffiti Mural is a community project that transformed a 25' high x 100' long Sara Sims Racquetball court wall located at 209 NW 9th Court facing MLK Boulevard.

The Graffiti Mural Project was completed early December 2009. Most mural projects commission an artist(s) to paint a single wall for public art demonstration purposes. This project included an educational and community component. Graffiti Art is a unique form of art that is challenging to master.  It is very appealing to the youth and a great way for them to positively express themselves. This art form showcased Boynton youth's participation in a positive outcome and contributes to the transformation and enrichment of the community.

The Graffiti Mural Project was funded by the Youth Violence Prevention Program through the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission. It taught youth the positive aspects of "Graffiti Art" as opposed to negative and illegal "tagging." Youth enjoyed the activity of painting and contributed positively to the social capital of their community. Social investment is key to the Heart of Boynton redevelopment efforts. The project created a series of community events called "painting sessions" that began on September 26, 2009 and continued through October 15 and 29, 2009.

This project contributes to economic development and provides capital improvement for the City.