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"Eternal Vision" - Carolyn Sims Memorial

Carolyn Sims bronze artworkThe "Eternal Vision" Carolyn Sims Public Art Memorial project located outside of the Carolyn Sims Community Center at Wilson Park celebrates Carolyn Sims' contribution to the quality of life in Boynton Beach. Mrs. Sims served the City for 41 years as an employee in the Recreation and Parks department. This Public Art Memorial symbolizes the value of her community service. She embraced all ages and races, while raising her own large extended family. In addition to the Public Art Memorial a lifelike bust of Mrs. Sims is featured inside the lobby.

Eternal Vision sculptureThe Art in Public Places program scheduled workshops and field trips for the Carolyn Sims Public Art Memorial project. Workshops offered participation in the Public Art process by naming and writing the dedication statement for the Memorial plaque. Field trips were made available to the studio of internationally known artist Frank Varga, who created the memorial. The purpose of these trips was to engage the public in the purpose and meaning of public art and to learn about how art is made. To see more of Varga's work, visit his website at

The "Eternal Vision" Carolyn Public Art Memorial sculpture concept represents the uplifting diversity of ethnicity and ages of Eternal Visionpeople in our community. The spirit of this Public Art Memorial is depicted by showing the arms and hands of a man, woman, teen and child (representing black, Asian, Hispanic, and white skin types) coming from a gold sun base which gives life to all living things, surrounded by Florida's flora and fauna. The hands are reaching upward to conure parrots, found throughout our community. Carolyn Sims Community Center

The Carolyn Sims Community Center at Wilson Park will provide the citizens of Boynton Beach a safe and entertaining variety of activities and events that promote family unity and community uplift though social and instructional programs.

This program is the vision of Recreation and Parks director, Wally Majors.