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2017-2018 Albert on the Avenue

Albert on the Avenue click for virtual tour

Click to Take a Virtual Tour of Albert on the Avenue

Albert Paley, one of the world’s prominent metal sculptors has collaborated with the City of Boynton Beach’s Art in Public Places. A new outdoor exhibit called, "Albert on the Avenue", consists of six massive sculptures totaling 17 tons. The national exhibit is an easy- to-walk, self-guided, 30 minute tour along E. Ocean Avenue in the City’s Cultural District. Albert Paley’s descriptive commentary of each of his sculptures can be accessed via a smart phone connecting with a QR code on each of the artwork plaques.

A colorful iconic sculpture, titled “Cavalcade", reaches 40-feet into the sky, making it the tallest public art in the Palm Beaches. “Cavalcade" is a permanent sculpture, commissioned by the developers of 500 Ocean and complies to the City’s one-percent public art ordinance. The five additional Paley sculptures are on are on loan for the year long exhibit ending in Sept, 30 2018. These artworks are for sale with a percent commission benefitting the City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places program.

Albert on the Avenue will attract seasoned art patrons and buyers as well as national and regional visitors to the City of Boynton Beach. This exhibit contributes to the City’s branding, economic development and promotes the Town Square Boynton Beach redevelopment project.

 Art in Public Places

Connecting the Cultural Environment in Boynton Beach to the global community.

2012 Envious Composure 

2012 “Envious Composure”

Painted steel 18’ x 7.5’ x 7’ 6,345lbs.

Seemingly defying gravity, this sculpture reflects a sensibility of lyric containment – gesture and interaction.

Location - City Hall - 100 Boynton Beach Blvd.

 2015 Coalescance

2015 “Coalescance”

Corten steel 7.5’ x 2.5’ x 1.75’ 370lbs.

A coming together in unity of individualistic forms embraced within the central spiral of the vortex.

Location - Schoolhouse Children’s Museum - 129 E. Ocean Ave.

 2009 Proscenium  

2009 “Proscenium”

Corten steel 14’ x 8.6’ x 4.25’ 4,700lbs.

A dialogue of architectonic geometric forms interlaced in equilibrium with the organic – a synergy of opposites.

Location - 306 E. Ocean Ave.

 2009 Moment  

2009 “Moment”

Corten steel 14’ x 6.8’ x 4.8’ 2.310lbs.

That moment of balance. An ambiguity of stasis. Its transient gesture responding to the invisible nature of gravity .

Location - 211 E. Ocean Ave.

 2014 Stance  

2014 “Stance”

Corten steel 11’ x 6’ x 4.6’ 2,280lbs.

Conflicting forces of interactive geometric logic engaging with the transient and ephemeral nature of the organic.

Location - Dewey Park - 100 NE 4th St.

 2017 Cavalcade  

2017 "Cavalcade" - A permanent sculpture installation in Boynton Beach

The developers of 500 Ocean commissioned Albert Paley to create, fabricate and install a permanent sculpture to comply to the City of Boynton Beach public art ordinance. This iconic sculpture, titled Cavalcade, greets visitors and residents to the City. This is known to be the largest public art sculpture in Palm Beach County!

Painted steel 40’h x 16’ w x 10 d’. Weight 8.5 tons

Location - 500 Ocean Apartments, 500 E. Ocean Ave.

Albert Paley “The sculpture will provide a dramatic silhouette when accented against the sky. The spire-like shapes projecting into the sky engage the quality and play of sunlight. These spires painted yellow would contrast dramatically with the blue of the sky. Thematically, the splayed vertical elements have their basis in my interpretation of palm fronds. The palm frond’s thin delicate floral elements that project into the sky and are so much a part of the landscape would here be introduced and experienced within a different context. Although the sculpture is not kinetic, the interlaced folded metal shapes indicate movement as if they are being articulated by the air from the sea. As the sun traverses, the play of light and shade will dramatically increase the sculptures dynamism. At various times the sculpture may be seen in silhouette or in aspects of shadow – changing constantly with the passage of time.”
Albert Paley
Albert Paley | Sculptor

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