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canal at Palmetto Greens Linear ParkPalmetto Greens Linear Park, Barton Greenway


Palmetto Greens Linear Park
421 NE 13 Avenue

General Information
Acreage:  Park area is .3 acres; greenway is 3,709 linear feet
Park Hours:  Sunrise – Sunset
BBQ grills, benches, bicycle path, drinking fountain, fishing piers, open play area, pavilions, picnic tables, playground, restrooms
Historical Information
Palmetto Greens Linear Park is the beginning of the greenways/bikeways plan, but it did not start that way. The initial concept of the park was for redevelopment of the area south of the C-16 Canal and east of Seacrest Boulevard in the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) area. Built in the mid 1990's, it was a canal right of way that was basically used as an illegal dumpsite. The City approached all the neighbors in the area to tell them about the development and also gave each homeowner the option of having a gate in their backyard to give them access to the canal, walking path and fishing piers. Following the construction of the first phase of the park, new homes were built which helped to improve the area, and the park gave the homeowner's waterfront property. A second phase of the park provided a playground to act as an anchor for the eastern end of the park.
The City, in conjunction with Palm Beach County, received $229,508 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the park improvements in 1995. The park was built in three phases with the expansion phase completed in September 1998. The project first started in 1993 with the submission of the application for the CDBG for funding to construct the park. Parcels were acquired in phases between 1994 and 1997. Phase one in 1994 cost approximately $180,000; this included $42,000 for the two fishing piers over the C-16 canal. The South Florida Water Management District included a partial grant of $71,000 towards the original linear park construction. Phase two included acquisition of 1.6 acres of land that were three FEC Railroad lots and four residential lots. 

In 2007-08, the City received $303,420 in grant funding from the Florida Department of Transportation via the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to extend Palmetto Greens Park west of Seacrest Boulevard, along the south side of the C-16 canal, as a Greenways/Bikeways project. This was a major step in the Greenways/Bikeways program. A unique feature of this park is the bicycle path that runs adjacent to the C-16 canal between Federal Highway and Seacrest Boulevard.

The entrance to the linear path is on Seacrest Boulevard adjacent to the C-16 canal; entrance to the mid-point of the path is located between 227 and 237 N.W. 13th Avenue, and the parking lot and open areas are located at the intersection of N.W. 13th Avenue and Railroad Avenue. This linear path is recognized by the State of Florida as a portion of the State Greenways System.

Barton Greenway
1110 NW 5th Street
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