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Borrow a Nook® Preloaded with Best Sellers

What is a Nook®

The Nook® E-Reader is an electronic device to which the texts of books are downloaded from an online eBook store. The Nooks are available as an added service and provide another option to sight impaired customers. This service is funded by the Friends of the Boynton Beach City Library.

Six Nooks are available to be borrowed and are preloaded with fiction and nonfiction. See eBooks available on Nooks for a list of preloaded eBooks.

What are the qualifications for borrowing an E-Reader?

A customer must be at least 18 years of age and has a “clean” record/no fines to qualify to borrow a Nook. A customer may pay fines between the time the E-Reader is reserved and picked up.  A customer must have a library card and photo ID with information that matches the library record or must correct information/problem prior to borrowing an E-Reader.

Can E-Readers be borrowed on the spot?

Yes, if any are available. There is usually a waiting list.

How long can E-Readers be borrowed?

Two weeks with no renewals.

What if an E-Reader is lost or damaged?

Customer signs a release form during the borrowing process agreeing to pay:

  • $175    Replacement cost if it is lost or damaged; 
  • $40    Replacement cost for lost or damaged carrying case; and/or
  • $20    Replacement cost for lost or damaged power cord.

Can the E-Reader be returned to other libraries?

No, it must ONLY be returned to the Technology Desk at the Boynton Beach City Library!

Can the E-Reader be left in the book drop?

No, it must ONLY be returned to the Technology Desk at the Boynton Beach City Library!

Are there overdue fines if the E-Reader is returned late?

Yes. $2.00 per day (including days the library is closed).

What happens when an E-Reader is available after I reserve it?

Technology Staff will call you to let you know you may pick up the E-Reader.  You must do so within two business days or you forfeit your turn in line.

What is involved in borrowing the E-Reader?

Customer will receive a call when E-Reader is ready. Staff sets up an appointment to meet with customer to provide information and to show customer how to use the E-Reader.

Customer must provide a Boynton Beach City Library card and photo ID when they arrive for their appointment and sign a release form agreeing to pay replacement cost of E-Reader ($175.00) if not returned or if returned damaged. 

Customer is given a bag containing E-Reader, charger, instructions, a copy of the disclaimer they signed and a questionnaire to be completed by borrower and returned with the E-Reader.