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Volunteer Program


 The City of Boynton Beach

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Footprints on Boynton!

Volunteer Program

* Please scroll to the bottom of this page for current opportunities. 

Thank you for your interest in Footprints on Boynton, the City's official volunteer program. We appreciate your commitment to making a difference and serving the community. Volunteering with the City of Boynton Beach is a highly rewarding experience in which you will have fun, meet new people, gain job experiences, and make a difference in a very meaningful way. Whether you are looking to forever imprint your positive mark in the world around you or seeking a place to complete mandated community service hours, Footprints on Boynton may have a spot for you. This is because the mission of the program is to build a unified community through the widespread involvement of diverse volunteers within the City of Boynton Beach. Should you decide to serve, you will join many other Footprints volunteers who donate their time and talent for the advancement of this beautiful community. The work of our volunteers is truly appreciated as we could not serve the community to the level that we do without their contributions!

There are many ways that you can make an impact as a Footprints Volunteer! While the governing body of the City has the obligation of assuring the health, safety, and general welfare of the City by providing the citizens with necessary public services, you can help the City to:

  • Extend and enrich the services now being offered.
  • Increase direct services to the citizens and the community.
  • Build a closer relationship with the community.
  • Supplement the work of the personnel.
  • See that Boynton Beach remains a place in which to live, work, invest, and raise a family!

Community support and engagement are key factors in bringing out the best in a city and its government. Interested and enthusiastic volunteers can aid in bringing about the unification of citizens and staff into a harmonious team. As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity for meaningful service to, and direct participation in, the operation of your City government.

Once again, thank you for your concern, interest, and involvement in the community of Boynton Beach. We look forward to what we hope is a long and productive association.


What is a volunteer? Why should you volunteer? Who can volunteer? Where can you volunteer?

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 About the City Government

 The City of Boynton Beach is organized under the Commission/Manager form of government. The City Commission, consisting of five members, is elected by the citizens.

The Mayor presides over meetings of the City Commission and acts as the official representative of the City at a variety of activities and occasions.

The City Commission appoints a City Manager who serves as the chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager supervises City departments, is responsible for expenditures of all City funds, and coordinates the various activities of the City. Also included in the duties of the City Manager is the overseeing of the execution of the various laws, resolutions and orders adopted and directed by the City Commission.

The foremost aims of the Boynton Beach government are to assure, on behalf of the public, the health, safety, and general welfare of the City, to provide the citizens with necessary public services and to make the community a pleasant place in which to live and work. Every employee of the City has an important role in providing these services.

About Footprints on Boynton!

The administrators of the Footprints on Boynton Volunteer Program at the City of Boynton Beach are committed to citizens participation in the expansion and enhancement of City services provided to the citizens of Boynton Beach.

This program is not designed to have the volunteer replace staff, but is aimed as having volunteers serve a supplementary and complimentary role. The Footprints on Boynton Program proposes that volunteers, when afforded appropriate training, can supplement present services and be valuable members of the service delivery system of the City of Boynton Beach.

The goal of this program is to provide benefits to all involved:

  • Citizens of Boynton Beach - provide them with an enriched program of services without additional costs.
  • City of Boynton Beach - enhance its delivery system.
  • City employees - provide them with a supplemental work force.
  • Volunteer - provide an opportunity for meaningful service to, and direct participation in, the operation of his/her city government.

We sincerely hope that each volunteer finds personal satisfaction in the knowledge that he/she is contributing to the welfare of our community and to ensuring better lives for all our citizens.

Application Process

In order to be considered, all individuals interested in volunteering with the City must fill out the online Footprints on Boynton Volunteer Application and submit it to Human Resources. Volunteers will not be able to assume their positions and duties until the Human Resources Department has processed the application and the volunteer has acknowledged receipt of the volunteer handbook. Volunteers are subject to a criminal history check through the VECHS Program prior to being placed in their departments. All volunteers working with vulnerable population/groups will be subject to a DCF criminal history check. Depending on the nature of the volunteering opportunity, a drug screen may be required. A criminal record or positive drug screen may prevent you from volunteering.


Volunteers will receive an orientation which will vary by the position and department. The goal of this orientation is to ensure that volunteers understand the relationship that will exist between them and the organization and also to familiarize the volunteer with the functions of the program, event, department, or activity with which they will be associated.


Each volunteer will be assigned to a direct supervisor when they begin their volunteer job. The supervisor will be the main source of information to the volunteer. Supervisors have the responsibility of directing volunteers in training, understanding duties, work schedules and volunteer related matters. Volunteers are encouraged to discuss any questions, concerns, problems, difficulties, misunderstandings or suggestions with their supervisors. If this does not resolve the matter, volunteers should contact the volunteer coordinator in Human Resources for additional assistance.

City Hall Hours of Operation

The City Hall hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. City Hall is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers who are stationed at other sites may be needed on the weekends.

As a volunteer, you play a vital role in the department. We rely upon your help and therefore request that you notify your supervisor, as well in advance as possible, if you are unable to work on an assigned day. This will allow time for replacement or for rescheduling where necessary.

Use of City Equipment

Telephones - Business phones are available for limited personal use. Check with your supervisor regarding which phone you may use. Personal long-distance calls are prohibited. In the use of telephones while conducting City business, be sure to identify yourself and department, using a pleasant tone of voice.

Vehicles - Volunteers cannot operate any City motor vehicles.

Machines - City equipment (computers, typewriters, copy machines, etc.) is only for the use of City employees or volunteers in the course of performing City duties and may not be used for personal reasons. Before using any equipment, please check with your supervisor.


No employee or volunteer of the City shall accept any fee, gift or other item of value in the course of, or in connection with, their duties.


The City prohibits solicitation on or off City property unless officially approved by the City Manager and/or City Commission. Printed or written announcements posted anywhere on City property which deal with outside activities must be authorized by a supervisor.

Internship Opportunities

Individuals seeking structured internship opportunities should look into our Gateway Program.

ADA Statement

The City of Boynton Beach, Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S. C. 12101 et. seq.), the City of Boynton Beach will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current volunteers to discuss potential accommodations with the Human Resources Department.

To apply, please complete the online volunteer application.

For more information, please contact the Human Resources and Risk Management Department at

(561) 742-6276.

 "Leaving your Mark In the World through Meaningful Service.”



Volunteers are needed to assist with front desk coverage for the summer at Sims Center, 225 NW 12th Ave. (Bing Maps® location)


The Tennis Center is seeking volunteers who request to work with Recreation and Parks and who are interested in manual labor activities.

The job duties would be as follows:

  • Rake courts to remove dead material (clay)
  • Shovel up dead material for disposal
  • Spread granular chlorine on courts to combat algae
  • Spray courts with liquid chlorine
  • Use a blower on the grounds
  • Wash windows
  • Brush courts
  • Line courts
  • Empty trash
  • Lift up to eighty (80) lbs.
  • Be able to understand and follow instruction (English)
  • Use zip ties to adhere wind screens to fencing
  • Use a ladder
  • Clean golf cart
  • Clean foot baths
  • Put up tennis nets

For further information of how to apply to be a volunteer, please contact the Human Resources and Risk Management Department at 561-742-6276.


The Boynton Beach Senior Center is looking for an energetic volunteer to work the front desk Tuesday’s from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. If interested please contact Brent Rolle at 561-742-6569