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Boynton Beach Old High School

 Boynton Beach Historic High School (2012 photo)

 Old High School Document Library

2011 REG IBI Consultant Team process - In 2011 REG/IBI consultant team helped the City lead a community driven, community responsive planning and development process for redevelopment consistent with the City of Boynton Beach Downtown Vision and Master Plan.

pdfHistoric Boynton Beach High School Redevelopment Business Plan : slideshow presented during City Commission meeting on May 17, 2011. 

pdfHistoric Boynton Beach High School Campus Redevelopment Business Plan: 37 pages, submitted to City of Boynton Beach by IBI Group, REG Architects, Farris Bobango Branan PLC, Stephanie Ferrell Architects, ONM & J Structural Engineers, TLC Engineering, May 17, 2011.

pdf Boynton Beach High School Charette Summary: 27 page summary of public planning workshop and design charette, which took place on March 26, 2011.

pdfPublic Development Workshop & Design Charrette flyer - Planning Charette took place on March 26, 2011.

pdfBoynton Beach High School survey results: The public survey was intended to help the City  establish the best possible reuse of the building, how much it will cost and how to finance it.

Project Documents

pdfIntroduction – Campus Redevelopment Business Plan – Building Assessment: REG, IBI and its subcontractors have completed a detailed building structural, environmental, and engineering evaluation of the High School. This analysis is the first step in the development of the Historic High School Campus Redevelopment Business Plan, and is aimed at completing a first step “break point” in the development of the re-use business plan, and its eventual re-use and rehabilitation costs.

YouTubeYouTube video/Historic High School slideshow presentation: contains images, facts and provides brief history.

pdfSECTION 1 - BUILDING HISTORY AND OVERVIEW: Constructed in 1927, the Old Mangrove High School was the pride of the Boynton Beach Community.  Located on Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach's original "main street", the building is sited prominently as the "West Anchor" in the City's Civic Campus. It is adjacent to the former Boynton Beach School, which then became Boynton Beach Elementary School and has been transformed into a children's museum.

pdfSECTION 2 - REG ARCHITECTURAL ANALYSIS: Current Conditions Narrative; Photos; Reference Plans; Site Aerial. The building conditions assessment narrative is separated into three areas: I. Site; II. Building Envelope; III. Building Interior.

pdfSECTION 3 - ONM & J STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS: ONM & J performed a visual site visit review and a cursory design analysis on the Old Boynton Beach High School The purpose of the investigation was to perform a Structural Condition Assessment of the two-story building and to provide a schematic narrative out-lining the general structural improvements (exterior walls, roof / floor framing systems, foundations, etc. to resist gravity / wind loads) required for the current Florida Building Code.

pdfSECTION 4 - TLC ENGINEERING M.E.P. ANALYSIS: Old Boynton Beach High School - Building Shell Development (for future fit out preparation). 

pdfSECTION 5 - ORIGINAL RECORD PLANS (Partial Copies): Historic Photos / Property Appraisal.

pdfSECTION 6 - ECO ADVISORS ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: Environmental Hazards Assessment (EHA) for environmental hazards and conditions that may affect the planned renovation including: suspect materials containing asbestos and lead paint, indoor issues (water intrusion and associated mold), hazardous materials and on-site petroleum tanks. The client also requested recommendations for reconstruction of the interior perimeter walls to control anticipated condensation moisture.

pdfSECTION 7 - PRIOR STUDIES REVIEW: Over the years there have been various types of studies done concerning this building and site.


  • Option “1” Stabilization Level - Sample Project-Ft. Pierce Post Office 
  • Option “2” Stabilization Level - Sample Project- St. Anastasia Church

pdfSECTION 9 - FUTURE DESIGN CONCEPT OPTIONS: (For discussion purposes only- to be reviewed during Design Charrette) 

  • Option “A” Private or Non-Profit Ownership with Community Multi-purpose Hall and Retail/Café Spaces. Sample Project- The Harriet-Himmel Hall at City-Place, West Palm Beach, FL 
  • Option “B” Public Ownership. Sample Project- Lake Worth Casino, Lake Worth, FL

City Plan Documents

pdfBoynton Beach Comprehensive Plan 2008 (194 pages, 2.99 MB)

pdfDowntown Master Plan (85 pages, 23.6 MB)

pdf2009 Development Atlas - City of Boynton Beach (102 pages, 39.5 MB) Development statistics and demographics.

pdfRetail Demand Analysis Study (64 pages, 44.0 MB)

pdfOld Boynton High School Adaptive Reuse Study - REG Architects, December 2009 (20 pages, 8.7 MB)

pdfPrevious Old Boynton High School Studies/Reports