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Benefits of Historic Preservation


Oscar Magnuson HouseThe purpose of historic preservation is to encourage the general public to integrate the past with the present and the future. Historic preservation does not halt growth or change, but instead emphasizes the totality of human experience in a given community.

Historic preservation provides an identity for a city. By promoting the unique history of Boynton Beach, the foundation on which it has been built and subsequently expanded is readily apparent.

The establishment of historic landmarks serves as a source for civic pride. Children and adults alike can point to the contribution Boynton Beach has made to the history of Florida.

The preservation of historic structures helps stabilize aging neighborhoods. The beauty of various architectural styles and superior craftsmanship is emphasized and embraced.

Historic preservation fosters community cohesiveness and interaction. Neighbors work together to apply for historic designation status and encourage each other to rehabilitate their homes by focusing on unique architectural features and historical context.

Studies have proven that historic preservation creates exciting and vibrant neighborhoods with increased property values. Additionally, ad valorem tax exemptions for a period up to 10 years are available for the increased value associated with qualifying improvements to historic properties.

Studies have also demonstrated a positive effect on tourism and business growth. Historic sites attract out-of-town visitors who find them very appealing.

In summary, historic preservation provides for the City of Boynton Beach the fostering and strengthening of civic pride and a strong economic development strategy. Historic resources are the non-renewable, visible remains of the past. Once lost, they can never be replaced. Preservation contributes to sustainability and the present emphasis on “eco-friendly” and notably, “the greenest building is an existing building”.