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Town Square Redevelopment Project

See also: Town Square Boynton Beach updates

Public Input Meetings at City Library, 208 S. Seacrest Blvd

  • Thursday, 8/10/17, 5:30pm-7:30pm, topic: Playground - Watch Video
  • Thursday, 8/17/17, 5:30pm-7:30pm, topic: Architectural Styles - Watch Video
  • Thursday, 8/24/17, 5:30pm-7:30pm, topic: Open Spaces (Includes Public Art) - Watch Video

About Town Square Boynton Beach

Town Square Boynton Beach is a 16-acre site in downtown Boynton Beach, just east of the I-95 Boynton Beach Boulevard exit. The project is a public/private partnership between the City of Boynton Beach and E2L Real Estate Solutions, LLC and includes the renovation of a historic Boynton Beach High School into a cultural center, residential and retail spaces, a hotel, public spaces, a garage, fire station and a new city hall. The Schoolhouse Children's Museum and Learning Center will remain and the Boynton Beach City Library will receive upgrades in association with the construction of a new city hall.

Phase I, approved by the Boynton Beach City Commission on June 12, 2017 includes interior and roof rehabilitation of the vacant historic Boynton Beach High School and design plans for the new City facilities.

6-12-2017 Special City Commission and CRA Board meeting Town Square Phase 1

Town Square Phase I Contract Discussion pdf icon (6-12-17, Meeting Agenda Item 2.A )


Town Square Final Ranking Recommendation pdf icon (4-18-17 City Commission Meeting, Agenda Item 12.A)


• Boynton Vision, LLC

Proposal pdf icon
Oral Presentation (3-29-17)

• E2L Real Estate Solutions, LLC

Proposal pdf icon
Oral Presentation (3-29-17)

• Municipal Consolidation and Construction, LLC

Proposal pdf icon
Oral Presentation (3-30-17)

OFFERS FROM VENDORS (pdf iconpdf):

Tabulation Sheet RFQ - Town Square.pdf

ATTACHMENTS (pdf iconpdf): 

RFQ for Town Square Redevelopment.pdf

Attachment A - Land Use and Zoning Plan.pdf

Attachment B - Preferred Tree Preservation.pdf

Attachment C - Town Square - Artwork Sites.pdf



Addendum 1 - Town Square Redevelopment (pdf icon dated, 11/15/16)

Addendum 2 - Town Square Redevelopment (pdf icon dated, 2/1/17)

Addendum 3 - Town Square Redevelopment (pdf icon dated, 2/17/17)

Addendum 3 - Attachment A (pdf icon dated, 2/17/17)

Addendum No. 4 (pdf icon dated, 2/27/17) 

Attachment 4A – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report (pdf icon dated, November 2016)

Attachment 4B - City Hall Plans – Permit No. (complete packet contains 143 files)

Download packet: Town Square – Project  (large filesize: 277 MB complete zip packet)

Please note: After unpacking/unzipping, project packet contains the following folders along with accompanying information within each folder.

Folder: Appraisals

  1. Appraisal - Land High Ridge Road Parcel Boynton Beach
  2. Appraisal - Land Town Square Boynton Beach
  3. Ocean Breeze East Appraisal June 2016

Folder: City P3 Resolution & State Statue

  1. P3 Reso - R15-020
  2. Public-Private P3 Statute

Folder: Drone Pictures_3.25.16

  1. DJI_0001 thru DJI_0037
  2. DJI_0041 thru DJI_0045

Folder: Executive Summary

  1. Town Square Executive Summary

Folder: Existing City Facilities

1. Old High School

a.    2 of 2 Master Floor Plan
b.    101 Foundation Plan (2)
c.    102 First Floor Plan
d.    103 Second Floor Plan
e.    104 Roof Plans
f.    105 Elevations
g.    Asbestos Survey_2004_Old High School
h.    BBHS survey update 2014 Final
i.    BBHSfloorplan
j.    BBHSsurv2004
k.    OLD Boynton HS-Part 1
l.    OLD Boynton HS-Part 2
m.    Structural Analysis & Existing Conditions_2003
n.    Structural Analysis & Existing Conditions_2003_Evaluation
o.    Structural Inspection Report - Old Elementary Schoolhouse and Old High School – 1993
p.    SURVEY 2006

2.    Art Center
3.    Madsen Center

Folder: Housing, Economic, & Programing Data

  1. 1st quarter PBC Rental Values
  2. Apartment Research Market Report
  3. City Facility Square Footage Existing
  4. Town Square City Programing Data - Art  Civic Centers

Folder: Maps & Aerials

  1. Aerials of assembly areas
  2. CRA district boundary map
  3. Downtown Development Activity
  4. Town Square Aerial Corridor
  5. Town Square Aerial

Folder: Ocean Avenue As-builts

  1. C1 thru C15 

Folder: Phase I Environmental

  1. Phase I - Town Square Project 12-10-15-1
  2. Phase I Environmental Rpt 700 N Seacrest Blvd. 7-6-16

Folder: Police Space Study

  1. Boynton Beach PD - 2014 Existing Site Analysis and Detail Spatial Needs Assessment

Folder: Renderings

  1. Town Square Conceptual
  2. Town Square panoramic

Folder: Survey for High Ridge PD Site

  1. dn01m502_343993
  2. Master Site Development Plan
  3. S06050254A2-XXX High Ridge Road_Topo-Srvy
  4. Topo Survey

Folder: Surveys for Ocean Breeze East Site

  1. 2008 East Side Ocean Breeze Survey 80-153A-1

Folder: Surveys for Town Square

  1. Town Square 1201114-1 05-19-15
  2. Town Square 1201114-2 05-19-15
  3. Town Square 1201114-3 05-19-15
  4. Town Square 1201114-4 05-19-15
  5. Town Square 1201114-5 05-19-15
  6. Town Square_1201114-07-02-15

Folder: Town Square Report by Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

  1. Town Square Report_TCRPC_September 2014

Folder: Town Square Utility As-builts

1.    Central Seacrest Phase 1

a.    Image_20160414_0002
b.    Image_20160414_0003

2.    Valve Book 28

a.    COVER SHEET Valve Book 28
b.    Valve Book

3.    20 Inch Force Main
4.    BB. 1913 elementary school
5.    Boynton Beach Blvd Gravity Sewer
8.    City Hall
9.    City Square GIS Utilities
10.   Gravity Sewer Seacrest Blvd
11.    Gravity
12.    NE Area Water Main
13.    Old Downtown Gravity Sewer 2
14.    Old Downtown Gravity Sewer 2
15.    Seacrest Water Main
17.    Underground Communication Line