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News and Testimonials

The Department of Development has been able to assist many people in attaining their dream of business ownership and success. 

I've been traveling around the states the past six years working on different projects and this is the first time I can say it was a pleasure to work with the municipality.  Everyone from the front desk, to the technicians, to the building officials, to the inspectors were always professional, courteous and always looking for ways to work with us on the construction side while still doing their jobs.  There is nothing more that we as a builder could ask for.  Thank you for making this an enjoyable experience.

Nick Pizza,
Assistant Project Manager

The staff in the Department of Development has really impressed our team. They are connected, educated and thoughtful. Most importantly, they have shown us a pasion for the success of our city that is both motivating and encouraging to the future of our young business.

Scott Conley
Managing Partner
Flipstone Technology Partners, Inc.
An application development studio committed to delivering software that focuses and enriches real experiences, not substitutes for them.

All of us here on our team have absolutely enjoyed working with the City of Boynton Beach and all your wonderful staff and look forward to anotehr successful project together.

I always believe that leadership comes from the top, leading by example and never asking someone on your team to do something you wouldn't do. (...) I cannot thank you enough for all you have done in ensuring that this project became such a success.

Rick Lococo
FM Contract Services, LLC.
Seabourn Cove's development partners

It was not until after I had decided to locate my Mathnasium franchise within the City of Boynton Beach that I learned about the grant programs they were offering. Had I known about them ahead of time, it would have further hastened my desire to locate my business here.

I highly recommend any business scouting the area to consider the City of Boynton Beach as their final "place of doing business". Through these grants, they are willing to help out with the costs acquired during the first year of business, which any businessman will tell you, is the most critical.

Keith Collier
The Math Learning Center