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Frequently Asked Questions

Code Compliance – What is it?
Code Compliance is a division of the Boynton Beach Police department.  Code Compliance is responsible for upholding the city's Code of Ordinances to ensure the safety and welfare of our citizens.  Our Code Compliance officers perform routine inspections and investigate complaints concerning a variety of code related issues. 

What happens when a code violation is reported?
When a citizen reports a code violation, the administrative staff inputs the information into a computer database.  The code officer assigned to that particular area will investigate the complaint.  If a violation does exist, the property owner is notified in one of three ways:  mail, hand-delivery or by posting the notice in two locations (at the property in violation and at city hall).  The property owners are given a specified time frame by which to comply their property.

What happens if the property does not comply by the specified time allowed?
The property owner will receive a Notice of Hearing if the property is not brought into compliance by the specified time allowed.  The property owner will have the opportunity to appear before the Code Compliance Board to state their case.  The Code Compliance Board will then decide if they will grant the property owner more time to comply their property and what the fine per day will be if the property owner does not comply with the board order.

Why doesn't the violator immediately receive a citation and fine?
Citizens are often not aware that they are in violation of the city's code.  The specified time frame allows citizens the time to correct the problem on their own.  The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to get all citizens to voluntarily comply with the city's code.

The Code Compliance Division and Due Process:
A code officer is required by law to follow due process.  The officer compiles the information regarding the violation.  The administrative staff will then generate a notice of violation and mail it to the property owner(s). The property owner(s) will be given a specified amount of time in which to bring their property into compliance.  The officer will re-inspect the property the day after the set compliance date.  If the property has been brought into compliance, the case will be closed.  If the property remains in violation, the property owner(s) is sent a notice of hearing which informs the property owner(s) that their case will be scheduled to appear at the next Code Compliance Board Hearing.  The code compliance officer will re-inspect the property the day of the Code Compliance Board Hearing.  If the property has come into compliance, the case will be closed.  If the property remains in non-compliance, the case will be heard at the Code Compliance Board hearing.  At this time, the property owner(s) will have a chance to state their case.  The Code Compliance Board will then order the property owner(s) to comply their property by a certain date and specify a fine amount per day.  We encourage all property owners to voluntarily come into compliance and give property owners several opportunities to do so.  If the property owner(s) do not comply by the Board Ordered date, they will be notified to appear before the Board for fine certification.  Once the Board certifies the fine, a lien will be filed with the County.  When the property comes into compliance, it is the property owner's responsibility to notify Code Compliance and request an inspection.  If a lien is placed on the property and the property is in compliance, you have the option to file for a lien reduction. 

How can I report a code violation?
If you live in our city limits and would like to report a code violation, please call the Code Compliance Division at Police Department's, non-emergency line  561-732-8116.  Please have the violation address and an accurate description of the code violation available at the time of call.  You may remain anonymous if you wish.  Keep in mind that all files and complaints are considered public record and are subject to inspection upon request through the City Clerks office.

What do I do if a lien is placed on my property?
You may apply for a lien reduction.  Contact Diane Springer at 561-742-6833. 

If a lien is filed will it only reflect on that one property?
No. The lien will attach to all properties owned in Palm Beach County.

Can the City of Boynton Beach foreclose on the property if the lien is not paid?
Florida Statute Ch 162 states that liens that remain unpaid for at least 3 months may be foreclosed upon.

What are the office hours of operation for the Code Compliance Division?
The office hours of for the Code Compliance Division are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

What are the hours of construction?
According to Ch 15 Sec 15-8.8 of our Code of Ordinances, hours of construction are based primarily on regulations regarding decibel limits; however, the basic rule of thumb for construction activity are as follows:  Monday through Saturday excluding Sundays and legal holidays between the hours of 7:00 a.m and 10:00 p.m.

Homeowners Association Rules vs. City Codes:
Every parcel within city limits is regulated by city code.  Homeowner and Condominium association rules may be more restrictive; however they are not enforceable by our code officers.

Misdirected Calls:



Trash out too early

Public Works: (561) 742-6200

Missed trash pick up

Public Works: (561) 742-6200


Public Works: (561) 742-6200

Street repairs

Public Works: (561) 742-6200

Burned out street lights

Public Works: (561) 742-6200

Missing street signs

Public Works: (561) 742-6200

Building Permits

Development Department: (561) 742-6350

Guidelines for new construction

Development Department: (561) 742-6350

Impact fees

Development Department: (561) 742-6350

Site plans / Floor plans

Development Department: (561) 742-6350

Animal carcass removal (public property within City limits)

Call (561) 732-8116 (a non-emergency line)

Animals: strays, attacks, nuisance, etc.

Animal Control: (561) 742-6210

Animal drop off

PBC Animal Control: (561) 233-1200

Copies of police reports

Police Department: (561) 742-6100

Lien Searches

Conducted online by Conduits™ a 3rd party service

Banners / Signs

Code Compliance: (561) 742-6120