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Municipal Elections

Election Day, March 14, 2017

Click to view voting locations. A General Election to elect one Commissioner from District II to serve a three-year term expiring in March 2020.


One of the most important responsibilities of the City Clerk's Office is preparing for and conducting the Municipal Election. The City Clerk is the election official for the Municipal Election. Some of the Clerk's election responsibilities include: 

  • Notifying the public of an upcoming election.
  • Qualifying the candidates to run for office.
  • Tracking the filing of Campaign Treasurer's Reports by candidates.
  • Hiring and authorizing payment for the poll workers who work at the precincts.
  • Working with the Supervisor of Elections to locate polling locations.
  • Arranging for the delivery and pickup of the voting equipment.
  • Scheduling the pickup of the ballots. Delivery of ballots to the Supervisor of Elections.
  • Acceptance of the election results.

Registering to Vote

You may register if:

  • You are a Citizen of the United States and 18 years of age or older;
  • You are a resident of Florida and Palm Beach County and you do not claim to vote in any other county or state;
  • You are not convicted felon, or if you are, your voting rights have been restored;
  • You have not been declared mentally incapacitated.

You can pick up a voter registration form at the Supervisor of Elections Office or by calling 561-656-6200.  If you are registered already but would like to change your current information, notify the Elections office in writing of the changes.  A new card will be mailed to you with your revised information.  Mail changes to the Supervisor of Elections  240 S. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida 33415.